Hi! My name is John Abizaid.  Owner and Chief Log
Cutter at Wood-Boy Incorporated.

I got started in the firewood business because I enjoy
working outside and working with my hands.  I own a
large wood processing facility in New Hampshire where
log cutters drop off trees on a daily basis.  I cut the
wood, split the wood and let it dry.  Then I hand load
the delivery trucks ensuring clean and uniform product.

I love wood!  My friends all started to call me
Wood-Boy, hence the name for my business.  My wood
is the best.  It is clean and properly split.  I will deliver
it on time and at a fair price.

Give me a call!  I guarantee you will be satisfied.

John Abizaid
The "Wood-Boy"
Wood-Boy Means Reliability
and Quality
Call Now! 1-603-642-3864
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